Classic Pole

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Classic Pole

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite, Classic Pole. This week we will be working on the Machine Gun coming from a belly hold. Make sure to get a good grip with your stomach before you transition into the Machine gun! Make sure to stretch very well before attempting this lesson. Have fun, be safe, and as always, post any questions you may have below! I would love to see some videos of your progress and how  [read more →]

Inversion Flow

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Get those thighs ready to work! In this Inversion Flow lesson, April Burks teaches you how to do the Titanic! You’ll learn two variations – one from an aerial position coming from Superman and the other coming down the pole from Crucifix. If you don’t have a friend to spot you, be sure to grab some mats and practice, practice, practice! This one is a doozy so dig deep, don’t give up, and have fun! Of course most importantly  [read more →]

Spinning Pole

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Welcome back to Spinning Pole! This week, our girl Jinny Gram will be teaching you a triple position combination that’s sure to challenge you. This combination requires a ton of strength and endurance so if you’re having a hard time, don’t give up! You can always start with just one or two of the positions and slowly put all three together once you get comfy. Don’t forget to do it on both sides and as always, if  [read more →]

Sexy Flow

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Welcome back to Sexy Flow! The song is “Freight Train” by Sara Jackson Holman and this routine is one of Rhiannan’s favorites to date! The choreography is very lyrical and requires you to focus on linking each movement seamlessly without a break in fluidity. Don’t forget to post your videos once you learn it and of course you can always post any questions you have! Don’t forget to warm up! As awlays, posting a video  [read more →]

Nadia Shariff – Signature Tricks

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2012 California Pole Dance Champion, Nadia Shariff, brings another world class workshop to Premier Pole Online, this time showcasing her Signature Tricks. Nadia travels the world teaching students in far off countries the skills that she has learned on her journey to championship in the United States. Premier Pole Online is now pleased to bring this workshop to you in our efforts to further your pole dancing skills. All of Nadia’s most famous movements are showcased in  [read more →]